Our Beers

Essentially, beer is our business and our love.  We hope you enjoy the core selection we brew on a regular basis. We will also be making seasonal brews to keep things interesting for us and our customers. 


Our Beers

Essentially, beer is our business and our love.  We hope you enjoy the core selection we brew on a regular basis. We will also be making seasonal brews to keep things interesting for us and our customers. 

We produce a collection of what we call 'Quality Classics'; a selection of beers you'll find in our Hertfordshire brewery year after year. We supplement these with seasonal specials, just to keep things interesting.

Currently Brewing

All our beers are available for purchase by the bottle, in casks and pressure barrels (a.k.a polypins). If you're interested in stocking our beers or just want to drink some let us know.


By Farr (4.1%)

This was the first beer brewed at our brewery in Wheathampstead. A dark, golden ale which is crafted to be light, refreshing and highly quaffable. 

Sovereign and WGV hops are delicately blended with carefully selected grains; producing a golden ale with a well rounded, but not overpowering hoppiness. Perfect for summer drinking or an autumnal evening. 


By Farr (4.2%)

A staple of the Farr Brew range; painstaking research and recipe tweaking went into producing a beer we truly believe to be the best bitter by Farr

Pale, crystal and chocolate malts combine with Sovereign hops to create this beautifully dark traditional bitter. It’s a perfectly balanced beer with a hint of caramel; very moreish and a true session ale.


by Farr (5.0%)

A labour of love for Nick, head brewer and founder at Farr Brew; this was the first beer he perfected when the brewery was formed and was runner up in Hertfordshire’s Beer of the Year 2015. 

Six types of malt, old and new world hops, treacle and locally sourced honey from the bees that buzz around our barn and surrounding fields all combine to create a deliciously complex porter with a deep chocolatey nose, and a rich, fruity, perfectly hopped flavour.


By Farr (4.2%)

Created due to popular demand from our Farr Brew devotees, this modern pale ale has been perfectly crafted by our head brewer to deliver maximum flavour and refreshment.

Combining premium malt hopped with Sovereign and Cascade varieties to create a powerful pale packed full of tropical and citrus flavours with a fine crisp bitter finish, a perfect combination of complexity and balance. 


For Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (4.5%)

This smoky, powerfully hopped India Black Ale was developed by Farr Brew exclusively for Britain’s oldest pub - Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, St. Albans.

Brewed with three types of malt and a considered combination of homegrown British & imported American hops for a well rounded, punchy flavour.

In the words of Roger Protz "That is a delicious beer"

In support of Rennie Grove Hospice (3.6%)

‘Chief Jester’ is the latest addition to our core beer range. It has been created using an exciting new strain of hop called ‘Jester’ which has an fragrant, punchy aroma of new world proportions, with flavour notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits. Combined with WGV bittering hops and carefully selected grains, we have created an easy drinking 3.6% pale session ale that is tasty, refreshing and light in colour.

 The beer has been brewed in memory of a friend Joe ‘Chief’ Paul who worked tirelessly for local charities. Farr Brew will be donating 10% of all profits made from sales of ‘Chief Jester’ to the Rennie Grove Hospice. Joe was an amazing person and a true lover of helping people and good beer. We’re sure he would be pleased with what we have created.


For The Wildlife Trust (4.1%)

Farr Brew are delighted to announce our latest charitable collaboration with The Wildlife Trust – a lovely session pale brewed with Simcoe hops to create a refreshing beer for the summer months and beyond. This beer is currently available in cask at many pubs throughout Herts, Beds and beyond. We will be releasing this in a bottle in mid July.


By Farr, Batch 3, Year 19 (4.1%)

First brewed back in 2017 this limited edition single green hopped beer is a firm October favorite. Brewed with hops grown by over 200 members of our local community, this once a year beer is always a challenge with no second chances.
Light, easy drinking and pale our Hop Collective beer is a wonderful pint.


By Farr (4.8%)

A Brewdolph is not just for Christmas...
Last year our Christmas beer was so popular that we have been asked to bring it back as a core staple in our range.
This full bodied and delicious copper ale is packed with tasty British and German malts to create a complex but well balanced beer. 



By Farr (4.5%)

The first in our new keg range...

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new keg range beers 'Beyond the Pale' This delicious, hazy pale dry hopped with American Cascade is a crisp, refreshing keg pale. Full of flavour and grapefruit notes.